Beatz® Fitness

A fun and simple, all-inclusive group fitness program led by certified Beatz® instructors.

Fit-Beatz – Choreographed to popular and underground dance music, including a wide range of music styles such as house music, garage, R&B, Mainstream dance music, and more


PWR Beatz

The HIIT and Functional Fitness workout. 

PWR Beatz is broken down into 3 sections BURN BLAST BOOST and ensures a total body workout like no other!

No equipment is needed.

Must be over age 16


Strength Burn Tone

All over body conditioning workout with use of Resistance Bands, Light Weights, Drumsticks and

using your Core


Aqua Fitness 

Fun Pool based fitness class.

Aqua formats of Combat, Sport, Jog and more. Introducing water dumbbells and noodles in your water workout.

Suitable for non swimmers.

Bokwa Punch & Strike

Bokwa® Punch & Strike is loaded with intensity. This is serious power and strength combining boxing and combat techniques.

Bokwa® Punch & Strike combines the Bokwa® rhythms of today’s popular music with structured steps that will take you on a journey that will make your heart race and your muscles burn. It is completely addictive.

Bokwa Fitness

Bokwa® is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe.

Bokwa® participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine. Moving together to today’s most popular music, participants off all ages draw the Bokwa® L, 3, J, K and dozens of other steps.

Sweat the Alphabet and Dance the Digits.

Bokwa Step & Up


An approach to traditional step aerobics. In Bokwa, participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while moving together to popular music. As you progress through each of the Bokwa® Step & Up movements, the letters, numbers while incorporating an aerobic step into your workout.